Loving Our Lap Dog.

The new music video for Lap Dog had over 1400 views in the first week and has had some fantastic results for us!

On the first day it aired we got the attention of a USA radio program “Memphis Around The World” who has since started to play Lap Dog, and will follow up with other  album tracks.  The program is broadcast to 150 countries around the world and has a listening audience of over 400,000 people.  We are scheduled to have a live to air interview in late April.

How exciting is that!  I hope I don’t choke!

If you haven’t checked out the Lap Dog video yet here it is:

Please leave a comment and like the video on YouTube (not on Facebook.)

The hooky little chorus and middle 8 sections have become a bit of a sing-a-long anthem at gigs. I love it when the audience is screaming LAP DOG at the top of their lungs. It makes me feel so happy.

We are getting very close to announcing the first run of GET LOVED! tour dates, with shows now booked in 4 states. I can tell you that it will be during May & June 2017.

If you’d like to be the lucky owner of a FREE GET LOVED t-shirt…be one of the first two people to prove to me that you’ve purchased the album from iTunes. The t-shirt is valued at $35 so that’s gotta be worth the trouble!

Thanks for listening out there you guys,

Love ya guts.



2 thoughts on “Loving Our Lap Dog.

  1. This album is the product of hard work and lots of love which shines through the music of every song.
    Tim and everyone associated with this album deserve all the accolades they get.
    Pat on the back guys.
    Love love love it. ❤❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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