The Biggest Slide Guitar/Instrument Ever Made?

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This year I was invited to submit an idea for the Geelong After Dark arts festival. My crazy idea was to create something that demonstrated the motion and vibration that brings all music alive, and I needed to think BIG but at the same time, go back to basics. My idea is to build a […]

In Conversation with… Me!

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I’ve been pretty quiet lately. I haven’t been feeling the urge to trumpet on about myself…and I’ve been rather reclusive. Despite this, I was asked to participate in an interview with Arts Atlas Geelong as part of a series called “In Conversation With…” with the article to come out on Oct 15, 2020. I got […]

In the Arms of the Earth

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In December 2019 I rented a beautiful cottage out in the bush, North-East of Melbourne, in an area called Smiths Gully, and spent 4 days by myself, writing and recording an instrumental slide guitar album. This project grew from my desire to have some uninterrupted, “flow state” time with all of my favourite guitars in […]

The Latest Phase

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Hi there, I’m never really sure if anyone notices when I go off the radar for a while. We’re all so busy with our lives, I find it hard to imagine that anyone would care what I was up to…but the truth is I’ve been having the most amazing time this year. In about November […]

YES! “BE LOVED” Single Release – Nov 10th 2017

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  The current Marriage Equality debate raging in Australia, where the population was asked to Vote YES or NO to the question of whether same sex partners should be allowed to legally marry, has made me want to release the single ‘BE LOVED’ as a statement of my support for the YES vote and also […]

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