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GET LOVED! Is A Masterpiece, An “Old School” Record, Not Just A Bunch Of Songs… It’s A Journey.

…for a limited time you can download Tim Hulsman’s latest single from GET LOVED! for free!

Listen to what others are saying about Tim Hulsman!

“…he is a versatile songwriter that explores a wide range of genres including folk, rock and alternative country reminiscent of The Eagles and Ben Harper…★★★★ Daniel Jaramillo, Alt Media

“…the whole album wouldn’t be out of place as a Tarantino movie soundtrack.” – Hal Jordan, Mouthzoff

“It’s rare to encounter a young musician with something substantial to say…There’s soul behind his music.” – Martin Jones,  Rhythms Magazine.

Artist Of The Month – September 2017 – Radio Memphis Around The World, USA

As Stuart Coupe from the Dirt Music radio show put it:

“Hulsman’s album “GET LOVED!” is a superb combination of intense, heartfelt songs and passionate playing with an immediate and captivating delivery.  This is an album that will find a welcome home amidst any music collection that includes the likes of Tom Waits, Ry Cooder, Jeff Buckley, Bill Withers, Jeff Lang, The Dirty Three and Paul Kelly.   Hulsman is a major emerging talent on the Australian roots/blues/folk/country soul music landscape.  Now is the time to grab a seat on the Hulsman train.”  

Tim is an award winning artist with a penchant for lush organic soundscapes, real instrumentation and live “warts & all” recorded performances. He is a genre-defying songwriter and is a remarkable lap style guitar player.

His records are a melting pot of his favourite music influences distilled into a distinctive sound and style of his own, with memorable melodies, emotive lyrics, beautifully dynamic sounds and a unique roots/pop sensibility.

To give you a taste of what that Tim Hulsman sound is, we’d like to give you a FREE download of his latest single “Be Loved” just for showing some interest. This is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

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