YES! “BE LOVED” Single Release – Nov 10th 2017

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  The current Marriage Equality debate raging in Australia, where the population was asked to Vote YES or NO to the question of whether same sex partners should be allowed to legally marry, has made me want to release the single ‘BE LOVED’ as a statement of my support for the YES vote and also […]

Artist Of The Month!

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I’m absolutely over the moon that I’ve been chosen as ARTIST OF THE MONTH on Radio Memphis Around The World for September 2017. I did an interview with host Dianna Fryer back on the 29th of April 2017, and we got on so well, that we chatted for about half an hour live to air. […]

I Survived The Boxing Day Tsunami!

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It still freaks me out…I’ll never forget the “logic defying” sound of everything around me being destroyed by stupendously huge volumes of black sea water, in the space of ten sickening minutes. It was the biggest sound I’ve ever heard…and not one I ever want to hear again. Dec 26, 2004…I was on my honeymoon […]


Tim Hulsman Daydreaming

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I was dragged up, kicking and screaming, through my teenage years in a little country town called Sheffield in Tasmania, Australia. Not much happened around there unless you made it happen yourself. My family had NO TELEVISION so there was nothing to do in my spare time but listen to music, learn an instrument, read […]

We Got Loved!

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Well it’s been an amazing couple of months for me touring with The Tim Hulsman Trio…and a few solo shows as well.  I started off with a run of three solo shows down in Tasmania in the first week of May and had my first gig of the tour, and an extra at that, come […]

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