It’s Here! + Big News

Well folks…the day has finally arrived where I have copies of all the new merchandise for the GET LOVED! album in my hand…all except for the 12″ vinyl.

You can pre-order the album on CD here now through MGM Distibution or at your local CD or Vinyl shop!

That’s right, I’m proud to announce that, thanks to my industry ally Stuart Coupe, the album has been picked up by Australia’s biggest distributor MGM and I’m looking forward to working with them to make sure the album is in a store near you. They say that if you order it in your local store, it should only take a few days to get it to any store in Australia or New Zealand..which in many cases is faster than Australia Post.

All sales through MGM count towards ARIA nominations so I’d be happy for you to order them that way, even though I don’t get as much money from those sales.

This is big news for me, so give me a high five!

The new merchandise looks great! I’m especially excited about the T-Shirt.

I resisted the urge to put my name all over it, because I wanted to create something timeless and cool to wear, even if you don’t listen to my music. So far so good…they are running out the door! Get in fast to get yours soon.

The CD looks and sounds fantastic and for you retro cats…I’m not far off putting the 12″ vinyl pressing into action.  There will be collectable coloured Vinyl as well as the classic (and better sound quality) black to choose from.

The official album release date is set as March 3rd 2017, so once again…pre-order here if you’d like to secure a copy hot off the press.

Tour dates are starting to become a little more solid so I’ll be hoping to announce the GET LOVED! band tour real soon.

If you have any questions please send me an email or ask in the comments below.

Love ya guts.


Only a Couple Of Weeks To Go!……

I’m so excited!

The art for the album is now finished and I’m about to send the whole thing off to the printers!

GET LOVED! Cover Art by UP Creative & T Hulsman.jpg

That means that the wonderful, kind, generous and very patient people who participated in my crowdfunding campaign will finally be receiving their albums and other rewards within the month, (except for the vinyl…which is still a month or two away) Hoorah!!!

It also means a new tour and a new merchandise to sell at shows and in stores.

My publicist Stuart Coupe has been working hard getting the new album out to all the radio stations and media for reviews etc and I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that enough of them will like it and write some nice words and help me get this year started on a really positive note.

I’m looking forward to heaps of great music this year and not just playing it…listening to it too.   I’m going to see concerts by Patty Smith, Daniel Champagne, Lloyd Spiegel, The Cat Empire and heaps of other local and touring acts whenever I can. I’m loving listening to Sydney musician P.J Orr at the moment. His new album “Foggy Notion” is just so interesting and awesome in a really old school Seattle indie rock kind of way. Great lyrics too. Check him out for yourself… here.

I’m stoked to have been invited to play a couple shows with Kyle Taylor on his tour next month. He’s a fantastic folk singer-songwriter from Geelong and a really genuinely interesting and lovely soul so I’m happy to be hanging out with him and the beautiful Isabella Khalife for a couple of days in Gippsland. Check out my gig page for dates.

This year is off to a crazy start at home, with Arlo learning to ride a pedal bike (no trainer wheels) starting to surf (boogie board) and going absolutely gangbusters with the Legos. Luckily I enjoy all of those activities too so we are having the best time at home, before he starts school this year. Time is finging through my slippers!

I hope you are all well, or at least striving to be, in your individual worlds. I hope to see you out there somewhere soon.

Happy New Year!






Monster Tour Slide Show

I know I haven’t finished the tour yet but I’m back at home and wanted to show you a few photos of a day in my life on the road. I met so many wonderful people and had so much fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t forget to pre-order the GET LOVED! album here, or if you are a vinyl collector you can purchase the 7″ vinyl single of MONSTER here.

There are only this weeks shows left in the tour so I’m looking forward to some private family time over Christmas.

I hope to see you at one of the shows soon. Live is where it’s at…People keep telling me after my shows that it’s one of the best they’ve seen and my live show is better than the recordings…Yeah…I know…because I feed off the energy of the crowd.

So come and be part of the crowd. Be there for the magical moments, that only happen live.





MONSTER Single…off to the printers.

I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed hoping that we got the single off to the vinyl manufacturer in time for the launch at Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival this year.

I’m going to share something with you guys…no-one else has seen this yet.

I’m so proud of the artwork that Will Cook and I came up with for the 7″ single sleeve.

The song MONSTER is about the ironic similarities between convictions and addictions, religion and drug abuse.

The process of coming up with this art involved me being very honest with Will about all my little dark secrets and hidden motivations and temptations. There are also a few “heads up” to the people who inspire me and propel me.

I hope you get loads of little stories from it. You may have to zoom in for the finer details…Go ahead, it’s fun!

MONSTER Front Cover ONLY.jpg

So the news is that the single is being launched on Nov 4th and then the full album will be hot on it’s heals in January 2017. For all those wonderful people who help me raise money to print the full album, don’t lose faith. It’s coming…and for your patience I will be rewarding you all with a free download of the single.

The tour is now 99% booked. Just waiting on a gig in Brisbane to land and then I’ll announce to the press. I’ve also got a start on the “GET LOVED! – Tour 2017” which will be with the full band. So lots of shows coming up all over the country. Woooohooo!

My thoughts are up in Brisbane all the time at the moment, as I await anxious news on my friend Jay Richmond (an awesome drummer and long time bud) who had a heart attack this week and is in a coma. It’s tearing me apart. He’s my age and we shared so many great times and music together in my late 20s. My heart goes out to him and his family and close friends everywhere. I wish I could take a shift sitting with him.

Don’t forget that if you would like to order an album you can do so either by “donating” to:

or by keeping an eye on my online store: Tim Hulsman Music

See you guys somewhere out there in the big wide world of music.

Love ya gutz.




First 2016 Tour Dates Announced

I’m in a whirl at the moment, booking the tour for the first single off the new album.

The single I’ve chosen to lead with is called “Monster” and it’s a great hooky little tune with a powerful message.

The “Monster Tour” dates are now up on the GIGS page here on the website if you’d like to check when I’ll be in your area.

I’ll also be doing a bunch of private house concerts, (which obviously cannot be advertised publicly) and if you are interested in hosting one of those please get in touch. There are still a few dates left where I’m on the road between cities, with no official gigs booked, and I’d love to come to your house for an intimate house concert with a bunch of your friends and family. These are midweek days mostly.

Send an email to if you’d like to discuss the options.


The “Monster” single will only be available on 7″ Vinyl or download, and the vinyl single will have the awesome B-side track “Big Uncertainty” on it. This makes it a nice ‘collectable’ in my opinion, because it’s the only place that you’ll be able to hear “Big Uncertainty” apart from at the live shows.

The full “GET LOVED” album is due to come out early in 2017 and will also be available on 12″ vinyl as well as CD and download.

Don’t forget that you can still pre-order a copy of the album by going to GET LOVED FUND.

I’ll see you at a show somewhere soon!

Love ya guts.




Gigs in August

Hi gang,

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve played any live shows and I’m feeling the “Stage Itch” in my bones.

Thankfully, August is going to present me with a bunch of great shows to scratch that itch.

I’m very honoured to be opening for the amazing guitar legend, songwriter and bloody nice bloke, Geoff Achison for his “Another Mile, Another Minute” album launch at The Workers Club, Geelong on Friday August 5th.


I’ll be hitting the stage at about 8:30pm and will be firing the crowd up with my crazy new stage show, which includes lap style guitars played in ways they are not made for and a bunch of new songs that truly test the limits of my vocal capabilities. I’m really looking forward to this show. Ticket are available from Oztix or at the door.

The following week I’ll be heading to my favourite Regional Victorian town, Bendigo, to take a small roomful of lucky punters on a two hour, story steeped journey through my best song catalogue, in an almost uncomfortably intimate setting. The room downstairs at the Goldmines Hotel is officially known as Billyroy’s Blues Bar, and it occupies a space that was once an underground wine cellar. There are legends of hidden tunnels leading from there to all sorts of mysterious places around Bendigo and the vibe in the place is just palpable. I usually play completely unplugged there as there is just no need for amplification in such a small and acoustically beautiful space.

Billyroy's Aug12 2016.jpg

The show is Friday August 12th and entry is by donation. There is an unspoken agreement in this venue that there will be relative silence during the performances…So don’t come if you feel like chatting to your mates.

The third weekend, on Saturday August 20th, I’ll be returning to one of my all time favourite places to play live music. Martians Cafe in Deans Marsh, Vic.

Martians Cafe is one of those out of the way gigs that always seems to have the best, most friendly, welcoming vibe, and there are posters plastered all over the walls of the main room indicating that just about everybody who is anybody in Australian music has played there over the years. It’s steeped in history and bursting at the seams with authenticity and pride. You can spend hours just wandering around reading the names and checking out the artwork.

I’ll be kicking off at about 8pm and will play through to 11pm. Entry is $10 and vibe is worth every cent of that. The food and drinks menu are excellent, as well as the seasonally appropriate provision of a wood heater to keep everyone warm and snug.

In other news, I’m heading into Jack The Bear’s mastering studio this week to finally finish the album production process, and I plan to be touring by November 2016 with the first single…MONSTER.

There has been a couple of minor setbacks in the original timeline for this release but in the bigger picture it is nothing really. I’m pumped and anxious for everyone to finally start hearing and getting to know the songs.

Don’t forget that if you want to pre-order a copy of the new album “GET LOVED!” for $20 the Go Fund Me campaign is still active and you can find it here.

I hope to see some of your beautiful, unique faces at one of the shows soon.

‘Til next time…go well…I love ya guts!





Crowd Funding Going Great Guns!

Hi all,

I’ve been absolutely amazed and deeply touched by the support that has so far been shown for my little crowd funding campaign:

At the date of this post, 31 people had donated $2,040 in less than three weeks!

That’s incredible.

If the total of $2,700 is raised by the 30th of June, 2016, I will be able to get the CD manufactured shortly afterwards and if the total continues to climb past that point, I will definitely be considering doing an initial small print run on vinyl as well. (That’s my ultimate dream, being that I’m a vinyl junky.)

Feedback so far on the album has been really fantastic and I can’t wait to get it out to radio stations and to the ears of all of my loyal friends and fans.

TimH Get Loved BTS-5

I’m now in planning for a couple of very exciting album release shows, which will be decadent affairs featuring, not only live music but also collaborations with visual artists, dancers and film makers. I’ll keep you posted as that develops.

If you are keen to hear the album and haven’t seen the crowd funding campaign yet please click on the link at the bottom of this article and pre-order your copy today. All donors are to receive first off the press, signed copies of the album as well as a hug from me. There are a few different levels that attract even more fabulous rewards, so pick your level of excitement and get involved in the GET LOVED! joyride.

Big love from me and the rest of the team.



Recording Finished…

Well after weeks of hard work in the studio we are finally finished the new album “GET LOVED!”

TimH Get Loved BTS-1

We had plenty of challenges but at the end of the day we have made a great album.

Some of you will have heard some of these songs at live shows in the past year and others are brand new. We’re hoping your favourites are all in there. The track list is:

  1. Lap Dog
  2. Be Loved
  3. Monster
  4. Home Fires
  5. Ella
  6. Beautiful View
  7. Alien Heart Boy
  8. Going Home
  9. Big Uncertainty
  10. Legacy
  11. Impossible Road
  12. We’re Gonna Make It

Everyone who has had the chance to have a listen in the studio or when I have been getting feedback on some of the mixes has remarked on how different this album is from Dead Man’s Garden…in the best way. It’s a step up in tempo, in attitude, in production values and in power.

The journey is epic.

TimH Get Loved BTS-32

Thanks to Pepe Minutoli, (pictured above) and the amazing facilities at Don’t Poke The Bear Studios in Geelong, the sound is incredible and the process was seamless. He is a audio engineer of the highest standard and I’m forever grateful for his work and involvement in this project.

TimH Get Loved BTS-15

I’m also very grateful to have this wonderful man in my band.  Craig Kelly. In my humble opinion, one of the best bass players around, and someone who’s input into the song writing/arrangements and recording process was invaluable. Just wait until you hear the bass lines on this album. They will make you move for sure.

TimH Get Loved BTS-3

I love this photo because it kind of sums up the dream team for me.

Pepe on sound, and me producing with the help of Craig and Nina Grant (my wife and long time collaborator.) On this album Nina had less input into the songs but was able to focus on one clear goal…making the backing vocals sound amazing! And that she did.

With some help from soulful singers Sweet Felicia (Sweet Felicia & The Honey Tones) and Kelly Auty, Nina was able to arrange and deliver backing vocal tracks that have really defined the album.

TimH Get Loved BTS-20

There is one thing that really gelled the album for me in the end and that was the drums. Our usual drummer Karl was not able to record with us, so with only two weeks to go until recording, Winston Galea (The Dutch Tilders Band + many others) stepped up to the plate and just nailed it like a true pro. We are now solid friends and he is playing as many live shows with us as he can.

TimH Get Loved BTS-42

I was also blessed to be able to call on the huge talents of violinist Phil Smurthwaite (Hot Club Swing) to come in and lay down violin parts on three of the songs. It was breathtaking to watch the ease in which he captured the emotion of each song. He put down the parts in just a few takes. 11800597_925431770837165_8338479650746680511_n

And finally on the last day in the studio Neil Tilbury came in and played some Pedal Steel icing on the cake. Just on one song…but it makes that song shine.

Tim H Studio-101

So now it’s finished, and it sounds like the best thing I’ve ever done, and as good as anything else you’ll hear, and I’m itching to show who ever will listen, and there are so many more steps before that can happen, and I am struggling to pull the money together to manufacture the CD after spending so much on recording it properly.

So if you would like to hear it sooner rather than later there is something you can do to help us with the next stage.

Go to my crowdfunding page  and donate enough money to buy a copy of the album. It’s a pre-order. Once it’s printed I’ll send you one of the first copies to come out of the printing press…signed, and I’ll give you a hug every time I see you. 🙂

Go well my friends. See you at a gig.


Only a week to go!


TimH Lap Dog Poster MASTER2Will and I have come up with the best idea for those who show up to the video shoot.

We are going to take a photo of every single person and then everyone is going to be included on the new album Art Work!

The album title has changed now to, “Get Loved!” and we want show our love and gratitude for your support by making you part of the record.

What do you think of that?