YES! “BE LOVED” Single Release – Nov 10th 2017

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The current Marriage Equality debate raging in Australia, where the population was asked to Vote YES or NO to the question of whether same sex partners should be allowed to legally marry, has made me want to release the single ‘BE LOVED’ as a statement of my support for the YES vote and also to put my opinion in very simple terms.

People who are marginalised because of their sexual preferences or identity are continuously subjected to the intimidatory idea that they need have permission to be who they are, and to be with the person, or people, they love.

It starts before school and haunts them their entire lives.

The Australian Government, in its “eternal wisdom and compassion” has decided to take that form of bullying to the next level by unleashing in on a national scale.  Now the already-known status quo can pass down judgement on an entire segment of our society that has always been in the minority, always been marginalised and judged without understanding, and always feared because of ignorance.

Now they can do all that…officially, sanctioned by the powers that be.

That is appalling to me.

Why don’t we have a debate on something more constructive and urgent like “Should we get rid of all the coal fired power stations and invest in solar and wind energy?

‘Be Loved’ is a fun, uptempo single with a strong social message in it’s lyrics.  “Rootsy Pop” is one way it’s been described.  The sound harks back to early Australian rock sounds, with a bit of a Reggae upbeat, and a straight rock middle eight.

It’s fun to dance to and the catchy chorus is mercifully un-annoying after looping in your head for days.

You can purchase or stream the single BE LOVED from Friday November 10th on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc

If you’d prefer to get your hands on the whole album just go to GET LOVED! for digital or MGM Distribution for physical products

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