2015 Tour Begins

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The year of 2015 has kicked off with plenty of activity to keep me occupied, including a regional Victorian tour, film clip launch and some solid support performances.

Jan 2nd saw me supporting a rock heroine of mine, Dallas Frasca and her Gentlemen, at The Barwon Heads Hotel. I started the night off with some beautiful vibes, building slowly to a couple of rockier numbers before handing the stage over to the live wire genius of Duke Of Deliciousness and then finally what we’d all come to see…Dallas! A truly amazing and awe inspiring talent and powerful vocalist/guitarist. What I love the most about her is the depth and sincerity of her lyrics and messages.

The highlight of my gigs so far was a beautiful and intimate show held in a small theatre in Cororooke, Victoria (just outside Colac) on Jan 10th. The local, community run, Red Rock Theatre and Gallery set the scene for one of those precious and rare gigs where the audience is really there to focus and listen, for the entire show. Everybody remained seated for the whole time, (no popping out for a cigarette mid song) nobody made a sound during the performance and the applause and feedback was heartening, including for the rapturous and soulful Stewart Kohinga, who opened the night for us. So respectful.

That gig was also the first with new drummer Karl Bentley, who showed incredible feel and adaptability, a welcome new member of the Hulsman music family. I’m looking forward to growing musically with this man.

Here are some pics of the night taken by friend and collaborator Will Cook from UP Creative. Will was there to showcase the newly finished film clip for Road Song, which we showed on the big screen there at the theatre. It looked so good.

UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-15 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-14 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-9 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-10 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-8 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-7 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-6 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-5 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-4 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-3 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-1 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-2 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-18 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-17 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-16 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-13 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-12 UP-creative-TimHulsman-Deadmansgardenshow-11

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