Big Announcement!

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You’ve all seen the teaser…now it’s time to announce when you can all get to see the whole, completed, amazing, sexy music video for Dead Man’s Garden.

Have you got your diary out?…OK, write this down.

Saturday 21st November, 2015 @ Workers Club Geelong, from 8pm.

We’re going all out, to throw the biggest, most decadent, sexy, and awesome party we’ve ever hosted, to celebrate the incredible effort that UP Creative has put in to deliver a remarkable, lavish and unbelievably high quality music video. I’m so proud I could burst.

DMG Video Launch Cover

We will be joined once again by the stunning Burlesque dancers from the clip and we will be trying to create a luxurious Dionysian atmosphere, so that you can feel for an evening like you are there in that crazy world we created in the clip.

There will be prizes and competitions, special cocktails and drinks, moments you will never forget, awesome live music..and of course…the first and exclusive premier of the Dead Man’s Garden Music Video!

The Tim Hulsman Trio will be snuggly sandwiched between Alister Turrill & The Vagabond Brothers

Al Turrill & TVB

and James Caddy


in what could turn out to be a slide guitar bonanza!

For those of you who can’t be at the party because of geographic challenges, we will see about a live YouTube stream from the party, but will also drop the video on YouTube the next day. (Sorry…no sneak peeks before.)

The tickets will be $10 pre-sale/$15 at the door, (UN-believable value!) so we suggest you get in early and get yours because the venue capacity is deliberately intimate (250) and we don’t expect tickets to stay on sale for long.

There are many more announcements to be made in the lead up to this event so stay tuned and follow the Workers Club Geelong page for their event announcement so you can keep up with the event feed and find out about how to buy your tickets once they go on sale.

SOOOOOOO excited!

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