Crowd Funding Going Great Guns!

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Hi all,

I’ve been absolutely amazed and deeply touched by the support that has so far been shown for my little crowd funding campaign:

At the date of this post, 31 people had donated $2,040 in less than three weeks!

That’s incredible.

If the total of $2,700 is raised by the 30th of June, 2016, I will be able to get the CD manufactured shortly afterwards and if the total continues to climb past that point, I will definitely be considering doing an initial small print run on vinyl as well. (That’s my ultimate dream, being that I’m a vinyl junky.)

Feedback so far on the album has been really fantastic and I can’t wait to get it out to radio stations and to the ears of all of my loyal friends and fans.

TimH Get Loved BTS-5

I’m now in planning for a couple of very exciting album release shows, which will be decadent affairs featuring, not only live music but also collaborations with visual artists, dancers and film makers. I’ll keep you posted as that develops.

If you are keen to hear the album and haven’t seen the crowd funding campaign yet please click on the link at the bottom of this article and pre-order your copy today. All donors are to receive first off the press, signed copies of the album as well as a hug from me. There are a few different levels that attract even more fabulous rewards, so pick your level of excitement and get involved in the GET LOVED! joyride.

Big love from me and the rest of the team.



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