Dead Man’s Garden Tour 2014 – Update.

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In the past month I’ve done 22 radio shows, 6 press interviews and 15 live shows stretching from Geelong VIC up the East coast of Australia to Brisbane QLD and back again. Along the way I’ve met some amazing musicians, made new friends, caught up with old mates and a relatives and had our first big musical adventure as a family, (Nina, Arlo & I) touring around in our Toyota Tarago. The results of all this hard work have been immediate, with Dead Man’s Garden hitting the Australian Blues and Roots Airplay Charts, debuting at number 18. The album has also received favourable reviews from several music magazines and blogs: Jolene Album Review Rhythms Review July 2014 It feels like something has shifted up a gear. I’m now starting to get invitations to play at music festivals. That’s huge for me. I’m now starting to look at the next phase of touring and preparing to go to Japan in November. Living the dream…

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