First Two Days Of Filming Complete.

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You may have seen some of the images in my Instagram feed from the big film shoot day, Sun Nov 30, at Freshwater Creek.

It was such a fun day, with a beautiful red Hotrod owned by local enthusiast John Paul Noble showing up and a whole bunch of the loveliest people, some who I knew and others who I was to meet for the first time, who danced and cheered and waited around for me to do my parts properly.

Australian drift racing car driver and motorbike enthusiast Nigel Petrie turned up on his hand built/customised motorbike, which we will be using for the rest of the film. That’s a whole other days shooting. It was fantastic to meet this incredible artist. Go and check out his website to understand what I mean by that:

Nina and Arlo managed to steal the show as usual…ha ha! They danced and smiled and cracked me up all afternoon.

We got all the crowd parts done but then started to loose the light that we needed so the director, Will Cook, told me we would have to finish it another day. So Thursday the same week we went back and set it all up again and spent another 4 hours filming close ups on me and the guitar.

The footage is looking really professional and very high quality and our vision is coming together just as we imagined so I’m very happy at this point.

I’m looking forward to spending a day chasing Nigel around on his motorbike. I’ll be the driver of the camera van. Poor Will will be hanging out the doors and sunroof trying to capture this amazing bike in action at 100 kph!

Stay tuned for further updates and finally the big reveal.

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