Gigs in August

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Hi gang,

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve played any live shows and I’m feeling the “Stage Itch” in my bones.

Thankfully, August is going to present me with a bunch of great shows to scratch that itch.

I’m very honoured to be opening for the amazing guitar legend, songwriter and bloody nice bloke, Geoff Achison for his “Another Mile, Another Minute” album launch at The Workers Club, Geelong on Friday August 5th.


I’ll be hitting the stage at about 8:30pm and will be firing the crowd up with my crazy new stage show, which includes lap style guitars played in ways they are not made for and a bunch of new songs that truly test the limits of my vocal capabilities. I’m really looking forward to this show. Ticket are available from Oztix or at the door.

The following week I’ll be heading to my favourite Regional Victorian town, Bendigo, to take a small roomful of lucky punters on a two hour, story steeped journey through my best song catalogue, in an almost uncomfortably intimate setting. The room downstairs at the Goldmines Hotel is officially known as Billyroy’s Blues Bar, and it occupies a space that was once an underground wine cellar. There are legends of hidden tunnels leading from there to all sorts of mysterious places around Bendigo and the vibe in the place is just palpable. I usually play completely unplugged there as there is just no need for amplification in such a small and acoustically beautiful space.

Billyroy's Aug12 2016.jpg

The show is Friday August 12th and entry is by donation. There is an unspoken agreement in this venue that there will be relative silence during the performances…So don’t come if you feel like chatting to your mates.

The third weekend, on Saturday August 20th, I’ll be returning to one of my all time favourite places to play live music. Martians Cafe in Deans Marsh, Vic.

Martians Cafe is one of those out of the way gigs that always seems to have the best, most friendly, welcoming vibe, and there are posters plastered all over the walls of the main room indicating that just about everybody who is anybody in Australian music has played there over the years. It’s steeped in history and bursting at the seams with authenticity and pride. You can spend hours just wandering around reading the names and checking out the artwork.

I’ll be kicking off at about 8pm and will play through to 11pm. Entry is $10 and vibe is worth every cent of that. The food and drinks menu are excellent, as well as the seasonally appropriate provision of a wood heater to keep everyone warm and snug.

In other news, I’m heading into Jack The Bear’s mastering studio this week to finally finish the album production process, and I plan to be touring by November 2016 with the first single…MONSTER.

There has been a couple of minor setbacks in the original timeline for this release but in the bigger picture it is nothing really. I’m pumped and anxious for everyone to finally start hearing and getting to know the songs.

Don’t forget that if you want to pre-order a copy of the new album “GET LOVED!” for $20 the Go Fund Me campaign is still active and you can find it here.

I hope to see some of your beautiful, unique faces at one of the shows soon.

‘Til next time…go well…I love ya guts!





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