Guitar Naming Competition

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Ok…If you don’t already know, there is a competition on to see who can come up with the perfect name for my new Weissenborn Guitar, by Southern Slide Guitars.

Here is a photo of her.

The entrants so far are:

Bevan Noble‪ – Mae

Adrian Mena – Evie

‪Susan Vriens‪ – Zenestra‬

Elm Iavoges – Sedo

‪Neil Tilbury‪ ‬- Glenda

‪Jordan Bailey‪ – Sonya

‪Janet Ray Sweeney‪ – Sophia‬

‪Jon Gilchrist‪ ‬ – Sherrie

‪Robin Hulsman‪ – Noriko‬

‪Dom Byrne‪ – Queen Maggie II‬

‪Susan Alexopoulos‪ – Clementine‬

‪Melanie Segovia Ackermann‪ – Izzy‬

‪Nathan Henschke‪ – Sweet Betina‬

‪Jordy Lucas‪ – Latifah‬

Anthea Palmer – Ada

‪Ella Lord‪ – Babe‬

Jenny Martinez – Heloísa Eneida Menezes Paes Pinto (Helô)

Penny Clay – Marilyn

‪Damon Knights‪ – Mary Belle

Jo Raeburn – Luka

Sue Lovelace – Summer Haze

Morticia Donna Pole – Bessie

Kelly Vickers – Born wise

Mark Milliken – Avalanche

Joe Spiteri – Stella

Tracey Hyland – Ellie Mae

Adam Esposti – Maggot Axe

Georgina Beale – Maddie

John Bottomley – Kika

Paul Meddings – Hula

Richie Kurz – The Hatchett

Penny Foley – Lizzie

Wanita Coman – Isla

Angus Muggleton – Delta Maye

Tayla Meddings – Malibu

Winston Lawes – Maria Teresa

The final decision will be made and the winner announced on Friday September 25th, 2015 at 5pm.

The winner will receive either:

A prize pack of:

  • Dead Man’s Garden album
  • The Singing Tree album
  • A signed poster
  • Free pass for two to the Dead Man’s Garden music video launch party in Geelong.


  • A FREE one hour show at your place by me and that beautiful guitar
  • Free pass for two to the Dead Man’s Garden music video launch party in Geelong.

All you have to do is think of a name that you think really suits the guitar and that you would be happy to hear me announcing at every show and on my album liner notes etc. then send an email or Facebook message or post with your entry.

It’s easy.  Come on…get involved!

I’m looking forward to your ideas.


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