Happy New Year!

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Hi gang, I hope you’ve had a great Christmas and New Year break and are primed for a fantastic year ahead.

My son Arlo had his 4th birthday last week and it’s made me realise how much has happened in the past few years and how quickly it has passed. Makes me want to do more everyday and remember it’s all a bonus, after surviving more than one natural disaster and a misguided youth.

Here’s a nice friendly wave from Arlo to you. (He thinks I’m famous… Ssssshhhh!..Don’t ruin it for him!)


I’m absolutely chaffing-at-the-bit, to get started on pre-production for the new album the band and I will be recording and releasing this year.

New songs are still being written and the list is getting longer and longer from which to choose for the final track listing. I just finished demoing another beauty last night called “Home Fires“.  I wrote it whilst down at Lorne, Victoria over the Christmas break.

I had originally decided not to take any guitars with me for the Christmas break so that I could rest my sore hands and give everyone else a break from listening to me incessantly  writing new stuff, but on about day 6 I remembered that there was an old guitar hidden in a cupboard in the house. Ah Ha! I pulled it out, dusted it off and wrote a song in about an hour.

Though “Home Fires” is not about the bushfires that we experienced on Christmas Day, the threat of them was hanging heavily in the air that whole week, so it felt a little weird to put a line about fires in the song, at that particular point in time.  As soon as I sang the line for the first time though, I knew it had to stay.

I just wanted to let you all know that because of the introspective phase of writing an album has arrived I will be doing less shows and will probably duck out of view a bit for the next 3 or 4 months.  All my energy will be going into making the best record possible. I hope you understand and don’t miss my rambling drivel too much.  It’s kind of like being pregnant……….(but not…of course…ahem…excuse me ladies.)

I’m sure I will be far too excited to keep it all to myself so look out for the occasional update.

I can’t wait for you to hear the finished album and see the new videos we have planned for the first two singles.

I’m hoping to release on vinyl as well this time.

Do you have a turntable? Let me know if you would buy vinyl so I can get a bit of an idea of the feasibility of pressing them.

Til then,

Go well. Love well.





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