I Must Be Doing Something Right!

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ALMF Trophy

I won!

It was such an honour to officially receive the Inaugural Scholarship from the Alex Legg Memorial Foundation on Dec 6th at Sooki Lounge in Belgrave, Victoria.

The scholarship is a very thoughtful and appropriate way for Alex’s friends and community to carry on his legacy of assisting and mentoring emerging artists, (and in this case financial assistance is provided too.)

Alex unfortunately lost his battle with cancer one year ago, but his influence now lives on through the foundation’s mentorship and support program, and his music is being championed by many.

I was deeply touched and encouraged by the words of Blues veteran, Dave Diprose, as he introduced the award presentation, stating that ‘though the winning of the scholarship would be by an application/competition process from now on, this year the committee had unanimously agreed on one artist who in their opinion would make the best use of the award, was a true emerging talent ready to break, committed to a music career and who had the songwriting, stage craft and music business knowledge to be able to make the Alex Legg Memorial Foundation’s first year a successful one.’

How nice is that?

I really must be doing something right…even though it’s hard to see it for myself sometimes. It’s gratifying to get a little encouragement from the universe…and my peers, every now and then, to continue following my ideals, my dream of being a full time musician.  That’s what this award is all about. Encouraging me to make a full-time career out of music.

Now I have this beautiful group of people from all different walks of life and areas of the music industry to help me through he next 12 months of my career. Wonderful people like Dave & Suzanne Diprose, Stewart Kohinga, Neesy Smith (3MDR FM), Brian Baker (Gradual), Doc White, Max Lees and other who I haven’t even met yet.

So…now I have a few weeks off over Christmas to enjoy a bit of family life and sit back and think hard about what I want to plan for next year.  How smart will I be? Only time will tell.

I’ll keep you posted.


Here’s a couple of shots from the presentation night at Sooki Lounge taken by Jason Rosewarne.


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