MONSTER Single…off to the printers.

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I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed hoping that we got the single off to the vinyl manufacturer in time for the launch at Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival this year.

I’m going to share something with you guys…no-one else has seen this yet.

I’m so proud of the artwork that Will Cook and I came up with for the 7″ single sleeve.

The song MONSTER is about the ironic similarities between convictions and addictions, religion and drug abuse.

The process of coming up with this art involved me being very honest with Will about all my little dark secrets and hidden motivations and temptations. There are also a few “heads up” to the people who inspire me and propel me.

I hope you get loads of little stories from it. You may have to zoom in for the finer details…Go ahead, it’s fun!

MONSTER Front Cover ONLY.jpg

So the news is that the single is being launched on Nov 4th and then the full album will be hot on it’s heals in January 2017. For all those wonderful people who help me raise money to print the full album, don’t lose faith. It’s coming…and for your patience I will be rewarding you all with a free download of the single.

The tour is now 99% booked. Just waiting on a gig in Brisbane to land and then I’ll announce to the press. I’ve also got a start on the “GET LOVED! – Tour 2017” which will be with the full band. So lots of shows coming up all over the country. Woooohooo!

My thoughts are up in Brisbane all the time at the moment, as I await anxious news on my friend Jay Richmond (an awesome drummer and long time bud) who had a heart attack this week and is in a coma. It’s tearing me apart. He’s my age and we shared so many great times and music together in my late 20s. My heart goes out to him and his family and close friends everywhere. I wish I could take a shift sitting with him.

Don’t forget that if you would like to order an album you can do so either by “donating” to:

or by keeping an eye on my online store: Tim Hulsman Music

See you guys somewhere out there in the big wide world of music.

Love ya gutz.




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