Monster Tour Slide Show

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I know I haven’t finished the tour yet but I’m back at home and wanted to show you a few photos of a day in my life on the road. I met so many wonderful people and had so much fun.

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Don’t forget to pre-order the GET LOVED! album here, or if you are a vinyl collector you can purchase the 7″ vinyl single of MONSTER here.

There are only this weeks shows left in the tour so I’m looking forward to some private family time over Christmas.

I hope to see you at one of the shows soon. Live is where it’s at…People keep telling me after my shows that it’s one of the best they’ve seen and my live show is better than the recordings…Yeah…I know…because I feed off the energy of the crowd.

So come and be part of the crowd. Be there for the magical moments, that only happen live.





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