Only a Couple Of Weeks To Go!……

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I’m so excited!

The art for the album is now finished and I’m about to send the whole thing off to the printers!

GET LOVED! Cover Art by UP Creative & T Hulsman.jpg

That means that the wonderful, kind, generous and very patient people who participated in my crowdfunding campaign will finally be receiving their albums and other rewards within the month, (except for the vinyl…which is still a month or two away) Hoorah!!!

It also means a new tour and a new merchandise to sell at shows and in stores.

My publicist Stuart Coupe has been working hard getting the new album out to all the radio stations and media for reviews etc and I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that enough of them will like it and write some nice words and help me get this year started on a really positive note.

I’m looking forward to heaps of great music this year and not just playing it…listening to it too.   I’m going to see concerts by Patty Smith, Daniel Champagne, Lloyd Spiegel, The Cat Empire and heaps of other local and touring acts whenever I can. I’m loving listening to Sydney musician P.J Orr at the moment. His new album “Foggy Notion” is just so interesting and awesome in a really old school Seattle indie rock kind of way. Great lyrics too. Check him out for yourself… here.

I’m stoked to have been invited to play a couple shows with Kyle Taylor on his tour next month. He’s a fantastic folk singer-songwriter from Geelong and a really genuinely interesting and lovely soul so I’m happy to be hanging out with him and the beautiful Isabella Khalife for a couple of days in Gippsland. Check out my gig page for dates.

This year is off to a crazy start at home, with Arlo learning to ride a pedal bike (no trainer wheels) starting to surf (boogie board) and going absolutely gangbusters with the Legos. Luckily I enjoy all of those activities too so we are having the best time at home, before he starts school this year. Time is finging through my slippers!

I hope you are all well, or at least striving to be, in your individual worlds. I hope to see you out there somewhere soon.

Happy New Year!






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