Pulling Back The Bow

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Winter is a time for introspection and for planning and preparing for a busy spring and summer and it feels to me like I’m drawing back the bow at the moment, ready to let fly with a flurry of well directed arrows come the new season. There is a lot of developments in the pipeline on all levels of my life and career, which is invigorating and kind of stressful as well.

I’m very lucky to be heading up to the warmer climate of Magnetic Island in QLD for a family holiday and bit of a break from the cold this week. I’ve been very unwell in the last two or three weeks and now my mind and body is crying out for a rest and some head space. IMG_1273

As soon as we get back it’ll be all action stations again, Will Cook and his team at UP Creative will be getting ready for the Dead Man’s Garden film clip shoot on July 28. I’m pretty excited about that. The make-up team (of about 13 artists) is primed with fantastic ideas and under the direction and guidance of Kelly Mackay from “Image – Makeup Artistry” I’m absolutely sure that the clip will be a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. I’m tempted to post photos of some of the makeup ideas she’s showed me but that might spoil the effect!..so you’ll have to wait. Let’s just say it will be classy and a little bit creepy.


If you haven’t got a copy of the “Dead Man’s Garden” album yet you can simply download it from here for a measly $8 or purchase a hard copy for $20.  Now would be a great time to do that as I’m really in need of funds to finance the film clip…nudge, nudge, wink, wink. 😉

Here’s what a couple of objective critics had to say about the album:

“It’s rare to encounter a young musician with something substantial to say…There’s soul behind his music.” Martin Jones – Rhythms Magazine.

“It opens – after a quietly ominous overture – with Lead Belly’s ‘Goodnight Irene’…The much-covered classic sounds as though it could’ve been written last week; Hulsman making it his own without a hint of try-hard pretence. He takes the listener along a thoughtful acoustic ramble, the pleasantly soporific effect neither safe nor dull. Love songs are warmed by the accompanying vocals of partner Nina Grant. ‘You Are a Mountain’ features her light and sparse piano notes to balance Hulsman’s vocals. Here he croons deep and mellow to high and earnest, as effortlessly as Gordon Lightfoot or Jimmy Little.”  Chris Lambie – Forte MagazineDMG Cover Only

It’s almost time to be thinking about recording the next album. This time it will be with the exquisite accompaniment of Karl Bentley on drums and Craig Kelly on upright bass. Oooh I can’t wait! We already have so many great new songs to choose from.

I did say the pipeline was full didn’t I?


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