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Well after weeks of hard work in the studio we are finally finished the new album “GET LOVED!”

TimH Get Loved BTS-1

We had plenty of challenges but at the end of the day we have made a great album.

Some of you will have heard some of these songs at live shows in the past year and others are brand new. We’re hoping your favourites are all in there. The track list is:

  1. Lap Dog
  2. Be Loved
  3. Monster
  4. Home Fires
  5. Ella
  6. Beautiful View
  7. Alien Heart Boy
  8. Going Home
  9. Big Uncertainty
  10. Legacy
  11. Impossible Road
  12. We’re Gonna Make It

Everyone who has had the chance to have a listen in the studio or when I have been getting feedback on some of the mixes has remarked on how different this album is from Dead Man’s Garden…in the best way. It’s a step up in tempo, in attitude, in production values and in power.

The journey is epic.

TimH Get Loved BTS-32

Thanks to Pepe Minutoli, (pictured above) and the amazing facilities at Don’t Poke The Bear Studios in Geelong, the sound is incredible and the process was seamless. He is a audio engineer of the highest standard and I’m forever grateful for his work and involvement in this project.

TimH Get Loved BTS-15

I’m also very grateful to have this wonderful man in my band.  Craig Kelly. In my humble opinion, one of the best bass players around, and someone who’s input into the song writing/arrangements and recording process was invaluable. Just wait until you hear the bass lines on this album. They will make you move for sure.

TimH Get Loved BTS-3

I love this photo because it kind of sums up the dream team for me.

Pepe on sound, and me producing with the help of Craig and Nina Grant (my wife and long time collaborator.) On this album Nina had less input into the songs but was able to focus on one clear goal…making the backing vocals sound amazing! And that she did.

With some help from soulful singers Sweet Felicia (Sweet Felicia & The Honey Tones) and Kelly Auty, Nina was able to arrange and deliver backing vocal tracks that have really defined the album.

TimH Get Loved BTS-20

There is one thing that really gelled the album for me in the end and that was the drums. Our usual drummer Karl was not able to record with us, so with only two weeks to go until recording, Winston Galea (The Dutch Tilders Band + many others) stepped up to the plate and just nailed it like a true pro. We are now solid friends and he is playing as many live shows with us as he can.

TimH Get Loved BTS-42

I was also blessed to be able to call on the huge talents of violinist Phil Smurthwaite (Hot Club Swing) to come in and lay down violin parts on three of the songs. It was breathtaking to watch the ease in which he captured the emotion of each song. He put down the parts in just a few takes. 11800597_925431770837165_8338479650746680511_n

And finally on the last day in the studio Neil Tilbury came in and played some Pedal Steel icing on the cake. Just on one song…but it makes that song shine.

Tim H Studio-101

So now it’s finished, and it sounds like the best thing I’ve ever done, and as good as anything else you’ll hear, and I’m itching to show who ever will listen, and there are so many more steps before that can happen, and I am struggling to pull the money together to manufacture the CD after spending so much on recording it properly.

So if you would like to hear it sooner rather than later there is something you can do to help us with the next stage.

Go to my crowdfunding page  and donate enough money to buy a copy of the album. It’s a pre-order. Once it’s printed I’ll send you one of the first copies to come out of the printing press…signed, and I’ll give you a hug every time I see you. 🙂

Go well my friends. See you at a gig.



  • Hey there,

    I’ve tried to donate twice, using both Aus and China address. Nothing happens after “continue.”

    Will try again later today.

    Anth x

    • Tim Hulsman says:

      I’ve had a couple of people say they have had trouble. It seems to work best from mobile phone but I will talk to support about it and try and work out a solution to this problem. Thanks Anthea. It’s great to hear that you are at least trying. 🙂

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