The Most Fun I’ve Had In Ages…

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Hi All,

I’ve just got to tell you about the best day I’ve had in a long time…the music video shoot for Dead Man’s Garden.

The boys in the band and I stood up on this plush red velvet stage and played music all day while watching this amazing scene grow around us.  We were honoured to be joined by violinist Phil Smurthwaite (Hot Swing Club) who we got to jam with a bit during the day, in-between action, and it sounded so good.  He’s a fantastic player and an all round nice guy too and we all hit it off really well so we may see more of him in the future…I hope so anyway.THT11800103_925430147503994_3668894621613031725_n11813469_925430457503963_555816588657219419_n

UP Creative totally outdid themselves this time…I mean Road Song was great, but this just steps up another three notches. Will Cook, Kellie Greaves, Kimberley Riddet, Shaun Herbertson, Jack Hannan, Reilly Archer-Whelan, Dani Ryan…thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Filming started with the band on stage and then the extras slowly trickled in as their makeup was completed and the staging was set for each next level of filming. By the end of the day the room looked like some unworldly scene of decadence and decay, with sexy burlesque dancers and corpse like punters.

The massive makeup task was undertaken by the incredible Kellie Mackay and her team from Image Makeup Artistry.


Check out some of their work below:

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I had so many laughs with the band as we watch this incredible scene unfold around us and really felt at ease all day because I had so much trust in the professional team we had working with us on the video. Everyone involved executed their tasks to the highest standard and with out complaint.


The staging of the room and set dressing was done by friend and professional Art Director, Mike Patton (that’s the back of him, above left foreground) who managed to keep the staging of the whole scene progressively building up while also being present for each take to make sure there was just exactly the right amount of smoke in the room. His involvement in this clip has added yet another layer of quality that I could only dream of usually.


I can’t wait to see the finished product and share it with you.

I’ll release a teaser soon so you can get excited with me.

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