The New Video Is Out!

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I’m so proud and thrilled to finally share this beautifully shot, classy and a little bit sexy, video for Dead Man’s Garden.

The wonderful team at UP Creative once again extended themselves far beyond the call of duty to deliver a world class music video for me.

Director Will Cook and producer Kimberly Riddett, were instrumental in  developing this vision and bring it to life, along with the irreplaceable Kellie McKay (Image Make Up Artistry), Mike Patton (Art Direction), Kellie Greaves (Photography), Chloe Moorcroft (Dancers & Choreography) and of course the band members Craig Kelly, Karl Bentley, Phil Smurthwaite and Nina Grant.

There were many more extras and crew who were all equally important in the making of this clip and I’m eternally grateful for their participation in what was one of the most fun days I’ve had in ages.

Please like and share it with as many people as you can, to help me reach a new audience. (After all, that is the purpose of spending thousands of dollars on something that you can make very little money back from!)

The official video launch at the Workers Club Geelong was an absolute blast, with an almost capacity crowd and a classily themed night of dress-ups and decorations to reflect the feel of the clip. The Dead Man’s Dancers completely stole the show! They were so great. I actually had to try not to look at them while I was playing, because it made me forget lyrics and I’d loose my place in the song.  Just stunning.

I was thinking this morning that the whole process of this particular song has been so memorable. From the recording of it, to the making of the clip and finally the launch party. All such fun moments.

If you like the track and don’t already have a copy please go here to download a copy.

Thanks for watching and listening.



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