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I’m the kind of person who prefers communicating on a one-to-one level…Face to face.  That’s why when I do shows I strive to connect with every person in the audience like we’re having a conversation…just you and me.  It helps me not be overwhelmed by numbers and to avoid that scatty feeling I get when there are too many people trying to vie for my attention at the same time.  I don’t tend to have quality interactions when I feel divided in my focus.

The best kind of performances for me then are either:

  • The really big stages where I never actually need to make direct contact with the audience, (because you are just so far away and the back stage area keeps us separated after the show) or
  • Small intimate gatherings where I can communicate directly and clearly with each audience member and follow up with a good chat afterwards.


There is this great initiative called Parlour Gigs that I’ve become very interested in recently because it is a platform for creating the small, intimate gigs and doing it really well, outside of the usual music venues…in your own home.

This is a brilliant idea for so many reasons:

  • No bar priced drinks!
  • Hand picked crowd (no unwanted idiots)
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Direct contact between listeners and artists during and after the show
  • Your party is remembered and talked about for a long time
  • A better opportunity for Artist to make real connections (new fans/friends)
  • Better record sales (because people actually listen and care)
  • The experience is more satisfying for all involved.

The Tim Hulsman Trio is very suited to these kind of shows and we thrive in that intimate kind of situation, so please consider us for your next house party or think about hosting a special Parlour gig with us.

To learn how to host a Parlour gig in your home go to http://www.parlourgigs.com

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