We’re Taking Things Up a Notch (or Three)

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It’s been so nice taking a break from doing a lot of live shows in the past couple of months.  I miss the buzz, the night life and the people, but it has afforded the band and I to delve more deeply into the new songs than we were given the chance to last year.

Do you remember me talking about pulling back the bow, before taking careful aim, before letting fly with our best shot?  Well that what we are doing right now.

As the year progresses and with the support of the wonderful folks at the Alex Legg Memorial Foundation and Southern Slide Guitars, we will be embarking on a brave new adventure together as a band and hopefully you guys will be joining us for parts of that journey.

New videos, a new album, a bold new live show and I’m pleased to announce…a new band member!

Yes, that’s right…the trio is now four. (Lucky we dropped the “Trio” thing huh?)

Band Practice 2016

Multi-instrumental ball of energy and muscle, Neil Tilbury has joined our happy little tribe. (That’s him on the left with the acoustic guitar)

What Neil brings to the table is incredible! Pedal steel, keyboards, guitars, percussion and vocal harmonies (and a killer sense of humour.) His contribution has lifted the sound we are able to deliver to a whole new level…and I’m talking etherially wise, not volume.

He’s a perfect addition for the show we’ll be taking out on the road this year, which will be mainly staged in theatres and venues that allow for us to “take over” a bit.  We’ll be adding a visual element to the live show too, so that you really get the full impact of the songs and better value for your entertainment dollar. Hopefully the Dead Man’s Dancers will be joining us for some of the shows too.

The management team and I are well into the booking of a massive tour later this year which will include multiple shows in Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, ACT, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.  (Hoping to get one show in the centre but logistically it may be too difficult.)

A few, very special people, have already subscribed to the new VIP membership on Band Camp, which is an exclusive portal for all sorts of extra goodies for the really loyal fans including:

  • Backstage passes at bigger shows
  • Rare and Demo recordings
  • Merchandise discounts
  • Early access to new releases
  • Opportunities to be in the official videos
  • Private concerts
  • and much, much more.

If you like the sound of that go to my VIP Membership and sign up today. You will instantly receive a digital copy of my last three albums when you sign up, and then it just keeps getting better from there. Every new thing I do, you get to experience first.

So 2016 is shaping up to be an absolutely pivotal year for me. I hope you’ll stay tuned and share the ups and downs with me. As an independent artist it is vitally important for me to have the support of my family, friends and fans (my beautiful tribe) as I do not have some lovely, big corporation pumping money into my career to get me out there quickly. I rely solely on your support.

In the words of Captain Barnacles from the Octonauts…”Let’s DO this!”

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