What A Break!

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It’s amazing how much can change within a week.

On Saturday I dropped into the workshops of Southern Slide Guitars in Melbourne, to have a look at how independent luthier, Warren Lawes makes his guitars.

We had been in conversation for a few months about me being interested in playing his guitars. I had had a brief mess around on a few of his beautiful works of art only a few weeks earlier, at Kelly’s Bar in Olinda, after our show there. He had brought a van load of guitars up to show me and I sat at the back of this noisy room trying to get a feel for them. I immediately liked what I heard but there was a few issues with the set-ups, as I like mine a certain way, and the noise made it impossible to be 100% sure.

On Saturday when I arrived he showed me around his small but impressive workshop and we chatted about the machinery he uses, then he took me to a room with the finished Wiessenborn guitar that he had adjusted to my specifications. I sat down and started to play and my god…that thing sung like an angel. I must have had the biggest grin on my face.

SSG Weissenborn

Right there and then we struck up a sponsorship deal which means that I will represent Southern Slide Guitars and promote & play his instruments whenever I can, and will continue to work closely with Warren to refine his instruments and expand his business.

That night I set up at Burrinja Cafe to support Matt Walker and plugged her into my amp for the first time…OMG! The sound that issued forth from that guitar through my setup was incredible! Now I really knew that I was onto a winner.

The next morning was my first time alone with her (I know this sounds like I’ve just picked up a girl at a party the night before…) and I could not stay in bed knowing that she was in the room next door. I got up and opened the case almost pinching myself in disbelief. There she was! Just as beautiful as the night before, if not more. I sat her on my knee and she began to sing with glee as I run my fingers gently down her strings. I heard her true unadulterated acoustic voice in a completely silent room.  I’m completely in love.


The next afternoon I was supporting Murdena at the Workers Club in Fitzroy and I think she sounded even better than the night before.


Now when I walk into my studio she is there begging to be played. The others will probably get jealous but they all know that I did the same with them when we first met. I love all of my guitars for different reasons and they all have names…except this new one. I still don’t know her name yet.


That’s why I’m putting it out there to you guys to help me come up with the most perfect beautiful name for her.

What is the most beautiful name you know?

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