Why I Love Doing Theatre Shows.

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Even though I’m a bit sick this week, I’m still looking forward to the show at Club Voltaire on Saturday night (June 20, 2015), because it’s a little theatre and I love theatre shows. The venue seats about 50 and is often used for cabaret and small theatre productions.

I love these kind of shows because it’s a chance to really perform my songs to an audience who is there to listening to every word and have the full body experience. In these situations I tend to explore the stories behind the songs in a bit more depth, and that usually results in the audience members feeling much more connected to the songs and they seem to understand the lyrics immediately, rather than getting to the end of the song still unsure of what I’m singing about.

UP Creative will be there to film the show for us, just as an exercise in self improvement more than anything else. I really want to be able to sit back and watch the band myself and see what our performance is like from the audience perspective and discuss ways to improve the live show.


I hope my slightly Tom Waits-like voice holds up (I’ve got this horrible chesty virus thing going around.) Anyway…I’m old school when it comes to that sort of thing…The show must go on.

If you live in the Melbourne area we’d love to see you there.

Part of the fun could be to find us at Club Voltaire – 14 Raglan St, North Melbourne (a little alley) before 7:30pm.

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